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FARAJA MGWABATI - Managing Director

Faraja Mgwabati has 18 years of combined experience in Journalism, Communications, Investment facilitation, and project management. He is one of the few Journalists in the East African region with technical knowledge in Journalism, investment, and International trade.

He is a Managing Director of an investment advisory consulting firm, MG Empire Consultancy, Limited ( ), which helps investors start businesses in East Africa. He is also a Shareholder of the African Desk Limited, a Pan-African firm committed to improving Trade Facilitation, Transport and logisticsand Regional Integration on the African Continent.

He is the author of the Tanzania Starting Business Procedure guide, which has sold more than 4,000 copies and helped many start-ups in Tanzania. He is also the publisher of the Doing Business Magazine which is geared at promoting investments as well as improving the business environment in Tanzania.

Until June 2023 he was the Project Manager for the eRegulations Project ( implemented by the UNCTAD (since 2012) in collaboration with the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) and Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority-ZIPA ( He created and managed 2 investment promotion portals, where he works with government institutions in documentation and simplification of investment procedures.

For the past 18 years, Faraja has been involved in creative writing for newspapers, magazines, reports, case studies, newsletters, and other communication materials.

Faraja is a Media Viability Consultant for Tanzania Media Foundation where he provides capacity building to Community Radio stations in the areas of Business Strategy and Journalistic Content.

Faraja is also a Board Member of the Tanzania Diaspora Hub (TDH) in charge of project management. Previously, Faraja worked as a business writer for the Daily News, and as a Communications Specialist for the former Ministry of East African Cooperation, Central Corridor Transit Transport Facilitation Agency, and USAID/WARIDI project.

He holds a Master's degree in International Trade a Bachelor of Commerce and Management from the University of Dar es Salaam and an Advanced Certificate of Journalism from the International Institute for Journalism, Berlin, Germany. His areas of interest are Investment, Trade, Media & Communications, and Regional Integration.

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